Totus Tuus

Totus Tuus
  • Edition produced in a limited run of one thousand and fifty copies numbered in Arabic numerals from 1/1050 to 1050/1050, and three hundred and fifty copies in the Spanish language numbered in Roman numerals from I/CCCL to CCCL/CCCL.
  • The typefaces used are Bodonian and printed at the Valdonega Printing House in Arbizzano, Verona.
  • The cotton paper, embellished with a papal watermark specially created in a circular form at the Cartiere d’Arches in France.
  • The binding in natural parchment, with gold inscriptions, was crafted using the manual process at the “L’Arte del Libro” Art Bindery in Todi.
  • The full-page illustration, by artist Floriano Bodini, was created using lithosilkscreen technique at the Squadro Art Printing House in Bologna.
  • On the front and back covers, two original bas-relief sculptures in 925 thousandths silver, created by artist Floriano Bodini, have been affixed using the embossing method by the Senesi Art Workshop in Pognano