Pier Paolo Nudi

Pier Paolo Nudi, born in San Marco Argentano in the province of Cosenza in 1971, currently resides and works in Rende. His artistic journey commenced in the late 1980s and continued into the 1990s with intellectual work that, after a careful analysis of his consciousness, found expression through art. In his works, he infuses an entire inner process that arises from life experiences, internal emotions, approaches to studies, and travels undertaken between museums, galleries, and artistic backdrops from Rome to Milan, passing through Naples, Florence, and Turin.

During these years, he encountered and engaged not only with different artists but also with gallery owners, art critics, and historians—a exchange of ideas and thoughts that piece by piece constructed his artistic approach. After earning a degree in Statistical Sciences, he signed the manifesto of Artistic Introspectionism in Rome in 2008. During this period, he created works like “Introspective Landscapes” and “Introspections,” achieved through overlays of acrylic and synthetic pastes and various materials such as silicones, metallizers, pumice stone, quartz, and crystals.

At the end of 2009, he wrote a cultural-artistic reflection and developed a new art form, “Multivariarte,” a content research project that dreams of giving shape to the intangible, bridging the invisible with the visible. Along his artistic journey, one finds the colors, scents, flavors, landscapes, and the everyday authenticity of his land. And then there is the “Common People,” an integral part of the reality he deeply investigates and dissects through his introspective work. On the canvas, his entire inner world is conveyed: fears, anxieties, but also hopes and emotions, all taking shape in a strong and vivid manner. An entire world represented attentively and silently. Silent, like that solitude he sought to give a face to.

Encounters, conversations with other artists, diverse models from various lived cities, studies in both scientific and humanistic fields have been stimuli that rapidly evolved his style, merging his matured artistic thinking with original techniques. He creates works such as “Dimensional Multiple,” “Dimensional Human,” “Multivariable,” “Multiple Segments,” “Evanescent,” “Translucent,” “Multivaried Colors,” and “Approximations.” His aim is to confront the viewer with a reality that, through his artworks, analyzes the different dimensions influencing the human journey, intersecting visible three-dimensionality with experienced multidimensionality.

It is a visually impactful, whispered, and evanescent language capable of conveying and provoking in the observer the sensation of facing a mysterious elsewhere, visible but incomprehensible to reason. His painting strongly departs from reality and leans towards a plastic exploration more suited to expressing contemporary spirituality in the continual rediscovery of the allure of the self.

In 2010, the Civic Museum of Modern Art in Monreale acquired the work “Multiple Segments,” enriching an already renowned collection featuring prominent artists of the twentieth century. An academician of the prestigious Angelica Costantiniana Academy of Letters, Arts, and Sciences in Rome, today his works are part of national and international private collections.

dimensionale cromodinamico