Nathaly Caldonazzo

Nathaly Caldonazzo was born in Rome in 1969 to a Roman father, a well-known builder, and a Dutch mother with Indonesian roots, who was also a renowned dancer at the Lido de Paris. She began her career as a showgirl at the age of 25, following in her mother’s footsteps in the world of dance and becoming the main performer at the Bagaglino, where she worked for about four years. Later, she ventured into acting in cinema and theater, but it was primarily in theater where she found greater personal and professional satisfaction. She participated in a wide range of performances, ranging from classics by authors such as Moliere, Goldoni, and Shakespeare, to musicals, comedies, and contemporary dramas. Since 2013, she has developed a passion for painting, learning from the masters with whom she had the opportunity to collaborate. Her painting style is mainly oriented towards pop art, with a preference for vibrant colors and significant themes, such as violence against women, a subject that is particularly close to her heart, as she unfortunately experienced such issues in her childhood. Recently, she has initiated a series of collaborations, enthusiastically integrating into this artistic community that has welcomed her with great honor, organizing important exhibitions for her both in Italy and in the United States.

Violet Cesar