Carlito T

Carlo Turchino, known as Carlito T., was born in Salerno on 04/02/1974. From his early school years, he felt a deep connection to art and creativity. Growing up and continuing his studies, he realized that art was his lifeblood. On numerous occasions, especially in social contexts, he became a reference point for creating paintings and allegorical carnival figures. These early experiences strengthened his self-confidence, and his artistic vein pulsed ever stronger. He felt the need to nurture and jealously guard this passion within him.

After completing middle school, he decided to attend the art institute, where he could deepen his artistic knowledge. The choice seemed immediately appropriate, as art was the subject that fascinated him the most; he wanted to paint, create, and bring to life the ideas that flashed in his mind. Around 1993, he began to delve into the world of tattoos, creating works on skin while not neglecting canvases. His primary inspiration comes from common and familiar female faces and figures, capturing their spontaneous and delicate essence. All of this is then enriched with strokes and fantasies, projecting him into a mental artistic journey—a light contemporary hybrid with pastel tones. The idealization of the female figure reaches poetic and sensual tones in Carlito T.’s paintings. This is evident in some works, yet it doesn’t diminish the fact that many of his other creations exhibit a pronounced sensitivity towards sinuous lines, soft and joyful colors, and welcoming atmospheres. The atmosphere he creates is highly evocative, reminiscent of the fleeting nuances of emotions and the delicacy of femininity.

The evocation of these muses takes on the appearance of an apparition, as if one were daydreaming with open eyes, as Vittorio Sgarbi aptly noted. From the world of tattoos to that of brushes, Carlito T. surprises for one reason: his ability to render the ethereal beauty of women through line and color. His portraits of female faces capture an aspect of their being from a gaze, a pose, or an attitude, prolonging the revelation over time. Skillful in delicately portraying even imperceptible movements, the artist pays tribute to women as muses and inspirations, banners to look upon, leaving room for creativity.

2020…per non dimenticare

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The Goddess