Giuliano Grittini

Giuliano Grittini was born in 1951 in Corbetta, in the province of Milan. After graduating in graphic design, he worked for several years in the studios of numerous artists and as an expert in printing techniques, obtaining the title of art printer. Throughout his long career, Grittini had the opportunity to collaborate with important figures such as Andy Warhol and Alda Merini, with whom the artist shared a deep friendship. In his experience as a painter, Grittini developed his own artistic technique called “cracker art”, a sort of collage that involves the decomposition of the image and its subsequent recomposition with polymeric elements of text and color.

The hand-painted pop paintings of the Milanese artist draw inspiration and origin from social reality, which Grittini captures through the lens of the camera or derives from images disseminated by advertising.

In his works, he sublimates reality, presented through the use of photographic shots of existences and icons experienced between the 1970s and 1980s, in a continuous poetry with a symbolic character. Among the privileged subjects of Grittini’s paintings is Marilyn Monroe, whose cracker art portrait is presented in unique and original works. Grittini has also created portraits of actresses such as Angelina Jolie and Sharon Stone.

Currently, the painter operates in Corbetta (MI) where he has an art printing house for his works. The works of Giuliano Grittini are available for sale at affordable prices.

Il Cristo del Giubileo


Madonna del Giubileo


La Pace nel mondo