The passion for collectibles has a rich and captivating history, spanning across diverse realms like watches, encyclopedias, models, and antiques. These treasures not only represent fragments of history but also present intriguing opportunities for savvy investors.

Collectible watches boast a history that winds through epochs and styles. From the intricate mechanical complications of vintage timepieces to the modern designs of wristwatches, each piece is unique. Collectible watches often gain value over time, becoming symbols not only of precision but also wise investments.

Encyclopedias embody the human desire to encapsulate knowledge within carefully curated volumes. While the earliest encyclopedias date back to antiquity, the 18th and 19th centuries witnessed an explosion of these works. Antique encyclopedias not only offer valuable information but also become works of art, bearing witness to the evolution of human knowledge over centuries.

Modeling encompasses a broad range of objects, from miniature trains to airplanes, cars to ships. These detailed models represent the dedication and mastery of artisans, often becoming true collectible gems. Modeling enthusiasts find joy in the precision and accuracy of these reproductions, which can also appreciate in value over time.

Antique objects, ranging from furniture to ceramics, paintings to everyday items, tell stories of bygone eras. The world of antiques is a sector where an object’s value often accumulates with the passing of years. Antique enthusiasts appreciate not only the intrinsic beauty of these items but also the connection to the past they carry.

Investing in collectibles goes beyond mere passion; it represents a unique opportunity. Collectibles, when chosen wisely, can offer significant returns over time. The growing demand from enthusiasts and investors, coupled with the limited availability of unique pieces, can make collectibles an advantageous option on the investment front.

In conclusion, the world of collectibles offers a journey through time and human creativity. Investing in watches, encyclopedias, models, and antiques not only enriches life with unique treasures but can also prove to be a rewarding and strategic investment option.

Corum Artisan Coin Watch

Lotto 170

Anfiteatro III Millennio Uomo

Lotto 258

La cultura italiana

Lotto 63

Atlante della Vita

Lotto 64

Nova (supplemento)

Lotto 58

Nova (appendice XXI sec.)

Lotto 59

Nova (aree,tempi,movimenti, generi letterari,grandi temi,capolavori, letteratura, arti, scienze)

Lotto 60

Grande dizionario antologico della lingua italiana

Lotto 61

Guida all’Italia contemporanea

Lotto 66

Nova (supplemento 2005)

Lotto 140

Storia del mondo antico

Lotto 179

Storia del mondo moderno

Lotto 180

Storia del mondo medievale

Lotto 181

Atlante Internazionale

Lotto 191

 Il Vocabolario Treccani

Lotto 198

Il Vocabolario Treccani, Il Treccani

Lotto 199

Il Vocabolario Treccani, Enciclopedia dell’italiano

Lotto 200

Il Vocabolario Treccani, Il visuale, italiano/inglese

Lotto 201

Il Vocabolario Treccani, Sinonimi e contrari

Lotto 202

Il Vocabolario Treccani, Neologismi

Lotto 203

Grande Atalante Treccani

Lotto 204

150 anni Unità d’Italia, L’Unificazione Italiana

Lotto 205

150 anni Unità d’Italia, Cronologia dell’Italia Unita

Lotto 206

150 anni Unità d’Italia, Immagini dell’Italia Unita

Lotto 207

Storia della Shoah in Italia. Vicende, memorie, rappresentazioni

Lotto 296

Storia della Shoah. La crisi dell’Europa

Lotto 297

Storia della Shoah. Il processo di Norimberga

Lotto 298

Enciclopedia Italiana

Lotto 383

Enciclopedia Italiana. Appendici

Lotto 384

Enciclopedia del Novecento

Lotto 385

Vocabolario della lingua italiana

Lotto 386

Dizionario della lingua italiana

Lotto 387


Lotto 57, 139

Grande dizionario enciclopedico

Lotto 62