Lusi Dì

Lucia De Rosa, also known as Lusi Dì, a painter, was born in Salerno on January 22, 1976. She attended technical studies and graduated in Physical Education in Naples. Formerly a professional volleyball player in national B1 and B2 leagues, she has been passionate about various forms of art since childhood. From comics to still lifes, she started drawing on silk fabrics. Driven by her love for all forms of art, she decided to express her creative flair by transferring her imagination and emotions onto canvas.

In 1986, during Easter when she was around 8 or 9 years old, she had to bring the traditional gifts for the Paschal Mass to the church. She chose to draw the face of Jesus, and it was so expressive that it seemed to speak. She handed it to the “San Pietro Paolo” church, where an African priest was celebrating the Mass that evening. In the sacristy, in front of the incredulous eyes of those present, she handed over her first artwork. The priest looked at it and said, “If you ever come to visit me in Africa, you’ll find it displayed in my church.” Her eyes sparkled with joy, as did her mother’s, who witnessed the moment. Despite her mother’s initial refusal to let her attend an art high school, preferring more practical studies, Lucia returned to her childhood passion in adulthood.

She masters various styles, including “pouring,” which involves pouring fluid paint directly onto the canvas, “action painting” similar to the previous technique but characterized by vibrant colors, free-form gestures, and expansive surfaces. Lastly, she practices “dripping,” which creates random patches or lines from the dripping of colors from above. She has participated in various exhibitions, including Castello Arechi, Milan Biennale, Paris Art Shopping, Dubai World Art, and Miami Meets Milano.

As a creative and original artist, Lucia De Rosa skillfully combines vivid and intense colors, conveying the essential and primal desire for freedom. Observers recognize in her a profound humanity and precious sensitivity that, together with her talent, breathe life into elegant and enchanting depictions immersed in idyllic atmospheres.

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