Emma Azzi

Emma Azzi is a painter from Lodi, whose artistic language draws inspiration from American Abstract Expressionism and informal art. She attended the Cimabue Academy in Milan and later moved to Paris in the nineties, where she stayed for a decade. Upon returning from France, she delved into the world of abstract expressionism after a background in figurative art.

Her artistic exploration revolves around painting techniques and the use of color. Azzi’s production follows a non-figurative, non-objective line, with or without a specific theme. Those who lived through the fifties and recall the context, intensity, and energetic moments of that era can grasp her approach to Informal Art. This is not to provide a straightforward interpretation but to avoid oversimplification and inappropriate labels. Informal art (known by various terms like tachisme, art autre, action painting, nuclearism, dripping) does not imply formlessness but rather non-formal or aformal.

Azzi has consistently advocated for a “critical attitude”: breaking free from figurative, formal, or geometric patterns and resolving expressive urgency through an explosion of signs and chromatic material. Her work is always connected to philosophical, phenomenological, existential, and literary issues.

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