Pier Paolo Nudi

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    LOTTO 36 Author: Pier Paolo Nudi Unique Single Artwork Tecnica: mixed media on canvas Dim. 100×70 cm

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  • dimensionale cromodinamico

    dimensionale cromodinamico

    LOTTO 31 Author: Pier Paolo Nudi Unique single Artwork Technique: mixed media on everted canvas applied on panel Dim. 70×50 cm

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  • Pier Paolo Nudi

    Pier Paolo Nudi, born in San Marco Argentano in the province of Cosenza in 1971, currently resides and works in Rende. His artistic journey commenced in the late 1980s and continued into the 1990s with intellectual work that, after a careful analysis of his consciousness, found expression through art. In his works, he infuses an…

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