Roma. Un impero alle radici dell’Europa

Roma. Un impero alle radici dell’Europa
  • Conceived on the occasion of the bicentennial of Augustus as the inaugural work of the “Europa” series, this edition is produced in a limited run of twelve hundred and twenty-five copies numbered in Arabic numerals from 1/1225 to 1225/1225, and twenty-five copies distinguished by Roman numerals from I/XXV to XXV/XXV.
  • The introduction has been curated by the Counselor for the Conservation of the Artistic Heritage of the President of the Italian Republic and director of the series, Louis Godart.
  • The typefaces used are Bodonian, both round and italic, and are printed at the Lamberto Pigini Printing House in Loreto.
  • The velum paper, made of pure cotton weighing 160 grams, was specifically manufactured for this edition with a unique formula designed for publishing by Magnani 1404.
  • The stitching, binding, and cover made of fine natural leather, dyed in Payne’s gray, were crafted using manual processes at the “L’Arte del Libro” Art Bindery in Todi.
  • The one hundred and forty-six photographic images created by the artist Luca Campigotto have been personally curated in photolithography and printed in four colors on 170-gram Gardamatt paper from Cartiere del Garda at the Lamberto Pigini Printing House in Loreto.
  • An original image personally created and signed by Master Luca Campigotto is placed on the cover of the volume