PicassoDefi AT Affordable Art Fair IN Hong Kong

From May 16 to 19, 2024, PicassoDefi had the honor of participating in the renowned Affordable Art Fair in Hong Kong, presenting the exhibition “Magnifica.” Under the expert curation of Francesco Gallo Mazzeo, “Magnifica” represented a vibrant homage to the diversity and richness of contemporary art.

The exhibition featured a heterogeneous selection of artists, each with a unique and distinctive expressive language. The prominent artists included:

  • Donglai Meng
  • Salvatore Pupillo
  • Rocco Salvia
  • Gian Carlo Ciccozzi
  • Xintong Gao
  • Disemino
  • Gabriel Lass
  • Stefano Turrini
  • Angelo Barone

Additionally, the exhibition welcomed out-of-catalog talents such as:

  • Nutty Trapanig
  • Michele Valenza

PicassoDefi’s participation in the Affordable Art Fair was an extraordinary success, attracting the attention of collectors, critics, and art enthusiasts from around the world. The “Magnifica” exhibition celebrated art in all its forms, highlighting the importance of diversity and expressive freedom.

The experience in Hong Kong strengthened PicassoDefi’s role as an excellent platform for promoting both emerging and established artists, consolidating its presence in the international art scene. With great enthusiasm, we look to the future, ready for new challenges and new achievements, always with the goal of valuing and spreading art in all its wonderful manifestations.