Lucio Oliveri

Lucio Oliveri (Milan, October 16, 1934) is a contemporary Italian sculptor who resides and works in his hometown, Milan.

Lucio Oliveri’s artistic calling emerged in 1954 at the age of nineteen, following the death of his father. It was then that he decided to create a portrait of his father in plasticine.

During the seventies, he spent seven years attending the sculpture course at the Centro Artistico Culturale Milanese under the guidance of Master Franco Zazzeri, completing his self-taught artistic education.

For years, Oliveri has embraced a personalized figurative style aimed at expressing moods, human attitudes, and emotions through the synthesis and essential nature of the human figure.

In his work, significant emphasis is placed on hands, an anatomical detail upon which he often dwells in his creations. He utilizes hands as a sublimation of grace, sweetness, tenderness, and love.

Noteworthy in his production is the attention and love dedicated to the feminine universe, which frequently takes center stage in his most successful works.

Throughout his career, Oliveri has participated in more than 250 group exhibitions and 26 solo exhibitions, along with numerous artistic and cultural events, totaling over 300 presentations. He has received a total of 27 awards from critics and the public (21 first prizes and 6 second prizes).