Italia. Bellezza e Fede

Italia. Bellezza e Fede
  • Conceived on the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy and printed in October 2011, this edition is produced in a limited run of nine hundred and seventy-five copies numbered in Arabic numerals from 1/975 to 975/975, and seventy-five copies distinguished by Roman numerals from I/LXXV to LXXV/LXXV.
  • The introductory essay, “The Christian Origins,” has been curated by the Counselor for the Conservation of the Artistic Heritage of the President of the Italian Republic and director of the series, Louis Godart.
  • The Bembo and Trajan typefaces were printed at the Lamberto Pigini Printing House in Loreto.
  • The GardaPat 13 Klassica paper weighing 150 grams was produced by Cartiere del Garda.
  • The stitching, binding with gold inscriptions on the spine, gold impressions on the cover plates, and the cover made of fine blue leather, dyed in the barrel and specifically crafted for this edition, were executed at the “L’Arte del Libro” Art Bindery in Todi.
  • The one hundred and eighty images by the artist Pino Musi were processed in three black tones through photolithography and printed full-page with special inks on 150-gram GardaPat 13 Klassica paper from Cartiere del Garda at the Lamberto Pigini Printing House in Loreto.