Il Sogno di FMR

Il Sogno di FMR
  • Edition produced in a limited run of two thousand seven hundred fifty copies numbered in Arabic numerals from 1/2750 to 2750/2750 and two hundred fifty copies numbered in Roman numerals.
  • The Bodonian typefaces, both regular and italic, were used and printed at Dr. Lamberto Pigini’s printing house in Loreto in 2005.
  • The paper used is handmade, pure chiffon, tinted in ivory with natural earth pigments, and adorned with the “FMR” watermark. It is manually crafted in circular form at Cartiere Magnani in Pescia.
  • The binding is in black leather barrel-tanned with gold embellishments.
  • The ten plates out of text were created by the artist Mario Donizetti using the lithographic technique on fine BFK Rives paper, 100% cotton, 250 gsm, at the art printing house “L’Incisione” in Corbetta, Milan.
  • On the cover, an original sculpture by artist Arnaldo Pomodoro, in low and high relief, made of metal alloy, measuring 90×60 mm, was coined, covered in gold through a galvanic process, and patinated by hand at the artistic laboratory Johnson 1836 in Milan.