• Edition produced in a limited run of nine hundred and seventy-five copies numbered in Arabic numerals from 1/975 to 975/975, and seventy-five copies numbered in Roman numerals from I/LXXV to LXXV/LXXV.
  • Introduction, original Hebrew translation, and ten exegetical comments specifically crafted for this Art’è edition by Professor Frederic Manns, Emeritus Dean of the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum in Jerusalem.
  • The text composition in monotype with the Baskerville 18 typeface was executed at the Monotipia Olivieri in Milan.
  • The exquisite BFK Rives paper, 100% cotton, 180gsm, measuring 45×32.5 cm, specially produced for this edition by Cartiere d’Arches in France.
  • The stitching and binding of the volume, in calf leather hand-stained with vegetable colors, featuring six raised bands on the spine and gold inscriptions, were crafted using the ancient manual process by artisans at the Bottega del Legatore Art Bindery in Ancona.
  • The ten full-page illustrations were created by artist Sandro Chia using lithosilkscreen technique on high-quality BFK Rives paper, 100% cotton, 250gsm, including a blind-embossed image, at the Luigi Berardinelli Art Printing House in Verona.
  • An original 18x23cm bas-relief, crafted by artist Sandro Chia, produced by stamping, coated in 24k gold, and hand-patinated with special colors, is affixed to the cover at the Atelier G.D.E. Licensee Bertoni in Milan.