EYES WIDE SHOT #1: A Varied Vision of Contemporary Photography

The fervent atmosphere of photographic art is eagerly embraced by the Amoarte Sofi Gallery in its inaugural collective exhibition, “EYES WIDE SHOT #1”. An event that celebrates the innovation, diversity, and talent of emerging and established photographers, without imposing themes or creative limits. The official opening will take place on Friday, May 3rd at 7:00 PM, inviting the public to explore a wide range of visual expressions through the lens.

The exhibition presents itself as an unmissable opportunity for art enthusiasts and the curious to immerse themselves in a world of incisive, exciting, and meaningful images. Twelve photographers, each with a unique and distinctive style, will unveil their works, offering the public a rich and varied overview of contemporary photography.

Among the artists showcased are promising and already established names in the international art scene. Each participant brings with them a wealth of experiences, visions, and unique talents, ready to capture the attention and imagination of visitors.

One of the most stimulating elements of “EYES WIDE SHOT #1” is the opportunity for the public to be an integral part of the artistic process. During the opening night, visitors will be invited to vote for their favorite photographer. The work most acclaimed by the public will be purchased directly by the gallery, offering tangible recognition and concrete support to emerging talent.

The collective photographic exhibition “EYES WIDE SHOT #1” will be open to the public from May 4th to May 31st, 2024, at the prestigious Amoarte Sofi Gallery, located at Via Tremana 5A, Bergamo. The opening event, scheduled for Friday, May 3rd, 2024, at 7:00 PM, will feature the special participation of renowned photographer Enzo Crispino, whose contribution will further enrich the artistic experience offered by the exhibition.

We eagerly await your presence at the opening of “EYES WIDE SHOT #1” to immerse yourself in an exciting journey through the eyes and lens of some of the most promising talents in contemporary photography.

The eclectic selection of works will range from introspection to social documentation, from abstraction to portraiture, offering an engaging and stimulating visual experience for all tastes and sensibilities.