Comedia Aragonese

Comedia Aragonese. Illustrata da Priamo della Quercia e Giovanni di Paolo

IllustratED BY Priamo della Quercia AND Giovanni di Paolo

illuminated facsimile, multiple

  • The edition consists of 450 copies numbered in Arabic numerals and 50 copies numbered in Roman numerals.
  • The volume contains the Gospels of Matthew, Luke, John, and Mark from the 1903 Bible translated by Giovanni Diodati, as well as the apocryphal Gospel of Judas Iscariot in the translation by the National Geographic Agency.
  • The illustrations are divided into thirty-three miniatures from the manuscript “Scenes from the Life of Christ and Life of the Blessed Gerard of Villamagna” by Pacino di Bonaguida, Italy, circa 1320, and thirteen sections of miniatures from the manuscript “Hungarian Anjou Legendary” 1325 – 1335, authorized by The Morgan Library & Museum, New York.
  • The chapter headings have been specially created by the miniaturist Gaia Perotto.
  • Produced in high definition and embellished on all pages with Pantone gold illuminations.
  • Printed on 250 gr. matte coated paper treated in the backgrounds with techniques designed to ensure a parchment effect.
  • The cover, with wooden covered plates, enriched with impressions in zecchino gold.
  • The volume is manually bound by master craftsmen following the ancient techniques of knot stitching the individual octaves on wooden frames.