Cantico dei Cantici

Cantico dei Cantici
  • Edition produced in a limited run of nine hundred seventy-five copies numbered in Arabic numerals from 1/975 to 975/975 and seventy-five copies numbered in Roman numerals from I/LXXV to LXXV/LXXV.
  • The Bodonian typefaces were used and printed at the Valdonega printing house in Arbizzano, Verona.
  • The cotton paper, specially handmade for this edition, was crafted in circular form at the Cartiere d’Arches in France.
  • The binding of the volume in natural leather barrel-tanned, with gold inscriptions, was carried out manually at the Art Bookbinding workshop “L’Arte del Libro” in Todi.
  • The eight plates out of text were created by the artist Ugo Nespolo using the silkscreen technique at the art printing house “L’Incisione” in Corbetta, Milan.
  • On the cover, a work by artist Ugo Nespolo, enamel on a brass plate covered in 24K gold, was made using an exclusive process at the Atelier G.D.E. Licensee Bertoni in Milan.