Breathing Art: The Collective Exhibition “Artist’s Breath” in Vienna

In the heart of Vienna, the collective exhibition “Artist’s Breath” opens its doors on March 13th at the prestigious Steiner Gallery. A much-anticipated event promising to immerse visitors in a unique artistic experience, focusing on the theme of the Artist’s Breath.

Featuring a selection of 14 artists from different parts of the world and varied artistic backgrounds, the exhibition offers an eclectic overview ranging from photography to painting and sculpture. Each artist brings their distinctive style, yet all converge towards a single concept: exploring the meaning of breath in the context of art.

Daniela Moretti, Francesco Loliva, Lionel Yamadjako, Milena B., Milvia Botticelli, Stella Meli, Umberto Salmeri, Luisa Vailati, Barbara Chiesa, G. Mario Sacchi, Gianluca Marini, Mauro Capelli, Roberto Prandi, and Karin Praxmarer are the names lighting up this collective exhibition. Each of them offers a unique interpretation of the theme, creating a rich and stimulating dialogue among the exhibited works.

The goal of “Artist’s Breath” is not only to present extraordinary artworks but also to invite visitors to slow down, take time for themselves, and immerse themselves in the sensory experience of art. Through breath, a vital element that unites all human beings, artists convey emotions, visions, and stories that go beyond words.

The Steiner Gallery, with its welcoming atmosphere and commitment to artistic excellence, provides the perfect setting for this exploration of contemporary art. Located at Kurrentgasse 4, 1010 Wien, Austria, the gallery becomes the meeting point for art lovers and those who wish to be carried away by beauty and inspiration.

The exhibition’s opening on March 13th at 7:00 p.m. marks the beginning of an entire month dedicated to celebrating art and creative breath. “Artist’s Breath” will be open to the public until April 13th, 2024, offering everyone eager to explore the depths of contemporary art an unmissable opportunity.

Don’t miss the chance to breathe art and be enchanted by “Artist’s Breath” in Vienna!