Angelo di Dio

Angelo di Dio
  • Artist’s book conceived and curated by Sergio Belfioretti on behalf of the publishing house FAS Fondazione Archivio Storico.
  • Comprising 183 pages, it is part of a limited edition of 199 copies numbered in Arabic numerals from 1/199 to 199/199 and 49 copies numbered in Roman numerals from I/IL to IL/IL.
  • The texts were printed by the graphic workshops Grapho5 Service in Fano.
  • The paper used is composed of cotton and other virgin fibers.
  • The binding was executed manually by Legalarte in Ancona, with the cover made of wooden material covered with top-quality calfskin tanned in Italy using traditional methods.
  • The work is enriched with eight plates created using the Fine Art Giclee technique by the printing house Arte Libraria Italiana in Ancona on Canson Aquarelle paper weighing 310 grams, manually retouched with varnishes and gold powder by Elena Paupini.
  • On the cover, a silver alto-relief created by Ivana Staffolani, based on the design by the artist Elvio Marchionni, has been placed.
  • The preface of the volume was curated by Giovanni Tonucci, Pontifical Delegate Archbishop of Loreto.